HDevRunner - Runs your vision script

A product of Heindl Solutions - MVTec Certified Integration Partner

HDevRunner is the perfect combination for MVTec HALCON to deploy your algorithms to customer machines - fast and easy. No more C++ or C# development needed. In addition, the Professional Edition runs your scripts on multiple images during development simultaneously, which allows for very fast feedback on the performance of your algorithms in different test cases.

Heindl Solutions is an MVTec Certified Integration Partner in Munich. Together with our customers, we develop machine vision solutions using HALCON. Thanks to decades of experience we also develop standard software for HALCON. Ask us about tailor-made solutions for your requirements.

No additional programming language required

With HDevRunner, you can execute your HDevelop scripts directly on your development machine or in the production environment. You don't have to write a single line of C++ code. The HDevelop scripting language is already hard enough, why learn an additional complicated programming language?

Run HDevelop programs and procedures

Just finished development of your algorithm in HDevelop? Run your HDevelop programs, external procedures, and library procedures immediately on your customer machines.

No HALCON development license needed

HDevRunner provides you with many visualization features of HDevelop without requiring HDevelop (and thus a HALCON development license) itself. Most notably, handling windows with the dev_open_window, dev_display, ... operators works exactly as in HDevelop. Finally, run your helper scripts on customer machines without extra effort.

Example applications

Calibration of customer machine

Imagine you have to (re-)calibrate your cameras on the customer machine, but the customer machine has a HALCON runtime license only. Use HDevRunner to run your calibration code immediately on the customer computer without requiring a HALCON development license.

Fullscreen Mode

Present your algorithm in fullscreen to your fair trade visitors or to the human operators in the factory. Distracting GUI elements (task bar, scripts, ...) are no longer visible.

Watch Mode / Unit tests

Run unit tests automatically whenever you save an image processing procedure. This way, you get immediate feedback whether your tweaks improved the overall performance of the vision algorithm or not.




HDevRunner Features

HDevRunner includes:

  • Run HALCON/HDevelop scripts and procedures without HDevelop
  • Your scripts run as similar as possible to development
  • Detects and uses installed HALCON major version (11,12,13)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Watch mode
  • Supports HDevEngine remote debugging
  • Free maintenance updates

Try the demo version of HDevRunner for free*.

* MVTec HALCON runtime or development license required.