FAQ Frequently asked questions

This section is not fully implemented, yet. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

The stop () operator is ignored by the HDevEngine that is used by HDevRunner. The HDevEngine cannot halt the processing, as there is no way to continue the processing afterward as we have in HDevelop. As an alternative, you could use the exit () operator or the wait_seconds () operator.

HALCON for Linux comes with hrun, a program similar to HDevRunner but less sophisticated. In contrast to HDevRunner, you have to extract the sources from the Linux package to compile hrun for Windows on your own. You need a license of Visual Studio for this and you need to patch the hrun sources to even compile with Visual Studio 2017. Installation of the hrun binary on the customer machine needs some manual steps while HDevRunner comes with an installer.

We have put great effort ensuring maximum compatibility with scripts written in HDevelop. Your scripts will behave exactly as in HDevelop when run with HDevRunner. For example, HDevRunner automatically opens a default Graphics window with the same color settings as in the default settings of HDevelop while hrun does not open a graphics window at all. If you open a Graphics window manually it will most likely have wrong color settings in hrun. There are many other inconsistencies in the SimpleHDevOperatorImpl approach used by hrun: Wrong error codes, unsaved window settings, … HDevRunner avoids issues.

Furthermore, the hrun is missing all HDevRunner Professional features like Procedure Arguments on command line, Watch Mode, Fullscreen Mode, and Check Mode.

HDevRunner distinguishes between installed HALCON versions at runtime, whilst hrun is compiled and can be used for a given HALCON major version only. This is a problem if you have to support machines with different legacy HALCON versions.

HDevRunner supports the HALCON runtime and development versions 11, 12, 13, 18.05, 18.11, 19.05, 19.11 and 20.05. HALCON Progress and HALCON Steady editions are supported. Please contact us if you need support the a HALCON Progress Edition.