Features Different editions for different needs

HDevRunner is available in three different editions.

  • HDevRunner Demo is ideal to try out most of the functionality of the HDevRunner Standard and HDevRunner Professional editions for free. It must not be used for commercial purposes.
  • HDevRunner Standard is ideal if you need a fast and easy way to create a GUI application running your vision algorithms.
  • HDevRunner Professional contains all the advantages of the Standard edition, but includes many additional features which make it ideal for the advanced professional HALCON developer.
Features (Click to expand) Demo * Standard Professional
Run HDevelop scripts directly yes yes yes
e.g. hdevrunner C:\Projects\MyScript.hdev
Run the HDevelop script C:\Projects\MyScript.hdvp and exit.
Run HDevelop external procedures directly yes yes yes
e.g. hdevrunner C:\Projects\procedures\ProcessDefaultImage.hdvp
Run the external procedure C:\Projects\procedures\ProcessDefaultImage.hdvp (without arguments) and exit.
Run HDevelop library procedures directly yes yes yes
e.g. hdevrunner C:\projects\libraries\TcpConnection.hdpl:Send
Run the library procedure Send from the library TcpConnection.hdpl and exit.
Easily switch between HALCON versions yes yes yes
Select which version of all HALCON versions installed on the system should be used at runtime.
hdevrunner --halconversion 13.0 C:\Projects\ProcessImage.hdvp
Supports HDevEngine Debugger yes yes yes
For debugging, connect to a script or procedure running in HDevRunner from within HDevelop. Requires HALCON 13 or greater.
Procedure arguments on command line no no yes
e.g. hdevrunner C:\Projects\procedures\ProcessImage.hdvp ('myimage.png', 3.0)
Useful to run procedures easily with different parameterizations to gain an overview on how well the algorithms work.
Watch mode ( yes )* no no yes
Watch procedure directories and arbitrary additional directories for file changes. If a script or e.g. test images get modified, the script will be reloaded and executed immediately.
hdevrunner -w --watch-dirs C:/images/test1 C:\Projects\ProcessImage.hdvp
This is very useful to re-run your scripts for testing directly after saving a script / pressing CTRL+S in HDevelop.
Fullscreen mode ( yes )* no yes
Opens all HALCON windows in fullscreen.
hdevrunner -f C:\Projects\ProcessImage.hdvp
Check mode no no yes
Check a procedure or script for valid syntax only. Useful for fully automated checks.
hdevrunner -c --no-dialogs C:\Projects\ProcessImage.hdvp
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* The demo version must not be used for commercial purposes. Some features are restricted and are intended for evaluation only. Runtime is limited to 3 minutes. HDevRunner logo image overlay in each HALCON window.